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Long long time ago..

HeroS (a.k.a. Ruben Kluge) is an energetic eclectic DJ from the 'Achterhoek' (East-Netherlands). At the age of 16 he finally got hands on his first CD-players, fully dedicating all his spare time to practice his skills. This didn't go unnoticed. In 2013 he got the opportunity to open Dancetour Doetinchem and in 2014 he obtained a residency at Club 22.24 (Doetinchem). His musical style has been known as warm, refreshing, uplifting, energetic and tropical!

HeroS has performed alongside artists like La Fuente, Franky Rizardo, Gregor Salto, Jochen Miller, Vato Gonzalez and Yellow Claw, and is currently hosting a weekly radioshow at Optimaal FM.

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HeroS' Summervibes: #3 Live @ Optimaal FM

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